Image of the Month

February 2014

Barn Owl

The winter so far has been anything but kind for these guys, prolonged spells of heavy rain almost daily along with storm force winds, its meant that hunting for food has become exceedingly difficult, I was lucky to catch this guy this morning, a beautiful blue sky morning, I’d watched it hunting for about ten minutes and it would periodically return to this post before starting its hunting routine over again, luckily for me two runners were coming down the road which pushed the owl towards me and onto the post, I had but a few seconds to compose and grab a few shots.

January 2014

Grey Heron

Sometimes an opportunity comes along that lets you stretch the boundaries of your photography, a bird thats so used to people that you can crawl within feet of it. At the time I didn’t know this so took half an hour crawling through the mud towards it before realising that it just wasn’t going to budge and was quite happy with my presence . this allowed for a variety of different shots to be taken, this being my favourite. If you ever get a subject like this by all means take your regular shots, frame filling examples but then think outside the box and thats when the really good stuff starts to happen.

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